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It's fine, but there is a pretty big bug.
If you go to the living room and wait till it says "I have time to do whatever", and that little clock appears, you can then go to Jeni's room, take some of her panties.
Then go back to the living room, wait till it gives you the clock, grab panties, etc etc etc.

This way you'll have unlimited money.

Other than that, it was pretty ait.

Vortex00 responds:

Many thanks for the feedback, players being able to do that is intentional.

I collide with, pretty much everything, but nothing happens...

Parkereldreth responds:

Particles have now been added, to ensure that it is being hit.

Pretty fun little game! Wasn't too hard, but it did had me looking around a couple of times.
I'm looking forward to the next part.

Stoked to see this being released!
Had fun working on it and I'm still enjoying playing this. I think I beat it over 50 times, from beta testing to this.
Great stuff, T.

A fun little game you've got here. I'm really fond of these backgrounds and the animation itself was awesome.
I do think some 'action parts' are a bit unclear though. For example, if you have to fight both zombies, just outside the cave. It's not clear whether you should click the big red arrow, or something else.
Also, the golden mask guy was a tad' too hard. No indicators or nothing and it happens really fast. First attack was easy, but second attack nearly impossible. I'm not sure whether I have to dodge, or attack. Doesn't matter really, cause either way doesn't seem to be working. Hahaha.

All in all, it's a difficult but nice game.

And of course, thank you for using my music.
If you've got the time to put me in the 'credits & info', that would be sweet. Just so this appears on my user page.

Keep on making games though! Still hoping on Elf Story 2.

You should really bring back those Meet'n'Fuck games. Those were tight.
Your new stuff just feels lazy.

So good. The simple, yet detailed artwork was awesome. The music and eerie sounds really got me on the edge of my seat. I'm very curious to see what happens in chapter 2.

Decent little platformer. Challenging at points. One little bug / glitch though. When there's 2 crates on top of each other and you push the bottom crate to the side, (so the top crate is above you) and you repeatedly jump, you start to fly.
Other than that, it was some good fun.

Best, ever.

I think this is very well executed. Not too hard, but challenging enough at the right time. Though it automatically set my quality on 'low', the graphics and animation were great non the less. A fun to play demo, which I'm sure will win some people over to buy the full game.
Nicely done.

simonhason responds:

Thanks! It is very easy on the web but the App plays much harder because you use tilt controls so it actually feels like aiming. Thank you for the review :)

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