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Hot damn, super stoked to see you post animations again.

FelixMassie responds:

Haha, super stoked to know you remember me! :) Thank you for the review!

Damn, that was good. Funny characters, nice animation, solid voice acting.
Already 90% done with part 2? Shiiiieeeee, let's go.

Damn, this was amazing. Production on this series always blows my mind.

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It's fine, but there is a pretty big bug.
If you go to the living room and wait till it says "I have time to do whatever", and that little clock appears, you can then go to Jeni's room, take some of her panties.
Then go back to the living room, wait till it gives you the clock, grab panties, etc etc etc.

This way you'll have unlimited money.

Other than that, it was pretty ait.

Vortex00 responds:

Many thanks for the feedback, players being able to do that is intentional.

I collide with, pretty much everything, but nothing happens...

Parkereldreth responds:

Particles have now been added, to ensure that it is being hit.

Pretty fun little game! Wasn't too hard, but it did had me looking around a couple of times.
I'm looking forward to the next part.

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Damn, that's hella' hot!
Little bit' muddy, mastering could use some slight work. But other than that, this is dope as fuck.
Reminds me of stuff by Forbidden Society.

MyBrainBecameTechno responds:

Well its a new style so it need more practice in understanding it and mastering it so more i make more will it will improve. its hardcore kick with distortion on top of guitar so need to learn how to Equalization audio and and mastering it.

Jesus, this is banging, bro. Solid sounds.
Wish it was longer.

Flamingweeny responds:

longer version is not coming probably, maybe maybe...for now its more of a joke

Fuck yeah, boy. Really liking the 8-bit influences. (or at least, that's how it sounds to me).
I also love how it goes a bit faster than normal one's used to. Great work.

Flamingweeny responds:

Oi thanks, didn't know you were still active on newgrounds :D
and yeah it has some 8 bit vibes

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Damn, love this color scheme.

Boobs are just the best.

Damn, I absolutely love this. Definitely will be checking out that comic.

jouste responds:

great! hope you dig it! I thought it was really well done.


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