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Kevin is a man of many talents.
Photographer, film maker, animator, actor and hobby producer. Talents he'll probably never show, though. So just take our word for it.

32, Male

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The Netherlands

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-06/29/03-... The day I made my Newgrounds account. A warm, summer day.

I was only 13 at the time and like most of my friends and classmates, I thought all violent, weird and sexual related animations were the best.
I already knew about Newgrounds, long before I made an account. I remember showing my whole class, an animation about Humpty Dumpty. At the time, this was the BEST, THING, EVER. My friends agreed. After that, it was non-stop Newgrounds. We'd gather in my parents place, start up the computer and watch stuff on Newgrounds all day long.
Every single Dragon Ball Z parody; specially Janenba is Born!, that was my favorite. All assassination games and animations.
The Xiao Xiao series.
Joe Zombie
Alien Hominid
Holy War Games
And so much more. Back when Newgrounds still played the "Blade - Vampire Club Music" tune. (Not sure what the actual name is)
Those were the good days.

-06/29/03-... The day I changed my 'homepage' to Newgrounds.
And still, till this day, it has always been Newgrounds. Never changed it, ever.
I've seen Newgrounds grow for quite a while. Big updates with big changes. But always for the better.
And even now, after 10 years, Newgrounds not only still entertains me, but keeps on surprising me as well.

So, thank you for having me, Newgrounds!
And I hope it'll be 10 more entertaining years, full of surprises.

10 years of Newgrounds

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That there crowbar's fixed her up good!

Ballgame 5 Points

You've got a pretty good basketball shot!

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