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Kevin is a man of many talents.
Photographer, film maker, animator, actor and hobby producer. Talents he'll probably never show, though. So just take our word for it.

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Posted by KingKilo - July 1st, 2013

-06/29/03-... The day I made my Newgrounds account. A warm, summer day.

I was only 13 at the time and like most of my friends and classmates, I thought all violent, weird and sexual related animations were the best.
I already knew about Newgrounds, long before I made an account. I remember showing my whole class, an animation about Humpty Dumpty. At the time, this was the BEST, THING, EVER. My friends agreed. After that, it was non-stop Newgrounds. We'd gather in my parents place, start up the computer and watch stuff on Newgrounds all day long.
Every single Dragon Ball Z parody; specially Janenba is Born!, that was my favorite. All assassination games and animations.
The Xiao Xiao series.
Joe Zombie
Alien Hominid
Holy War Games
And so much more. Back when Newgrounds still played the "Blade - Vampire Club Music" tune. (Not sure what the actual name is)
Those were the good days.

-06/29/03-... The day I changed my 'homepage' to Newgrounds.
And still, till this day, it has always been Newgrounds. Never changed it, ever.
I've seen Newgrounds grow for quite a while. Big updates with big changes. But always for the better.
And even now, after 10 years, Newgrounds not only still entertains me, but keeps on surprising me as well.

So, thank you for having me, Newgrounds!
And I hope it'll be 10 more entertaining years, full of surprises.

10 years of Newgrounds

Posted by KingKilo - March 27th, 2013

I'm pretty sure most of you people played the awesome and popular game "Elf Story". A (somewhat) tricky but brutal point-n-click action adventure game, with multiple choice murder and some suh-weeeet animation that goes with it. I'm talking blood and gore at its finest!
Created by the man himself Mexipino, that's right. Go check him out.
The guy that brought you some of the classics, like Stick Dude Killing Arena, part 2, 3a and 3b included. Check his other movies right here.
The guy that brought you games like Creative Kill Chamber and Experiment 51. Oh and that reminds me, part 2 is out now as well and it features my song Glass Floor. Go check that stuff over here.
As a matter of fact, go check all of his games.

However, if you haven't played Elf Story yet, shame on you!
In that case go right here and have some fun!

Anyway, I'm happy to announce (for those who didn't know yet), that "Elf Story Part 2", will soon be in production.
I'll be doing the music for it, so expect some grimy and dark tunes, while you're slashing up your enemies. (Or whatever Eric has in store for us)
I for one, CANNOT wait, for this to be finished. I totally loved part 1.

Kevin (King Kilo)

Posted by KingKilo - January 27th, 2009

At 11:25 AM EST, our dear friend and respected NG user Luis made a news post, about possible upcoming "NG Meets". (read about it here)

The biggest surprise to me, was the "NG Amsterdam Meet". Thing is, I've always wanted to go to a NG meet, but never had the time, and or money.
Now, I so happen to live in Amsterdam, and I'd just LOVE to have a NG meet in Amsterdam. (Netherlands, of course)

For those who want to join, but don't know about staying over, here's a nice list of affordable Hotels.
I thought I'd just put it up. Though I'm not sure WHERE Luis is planning on putting up the meet. Anyway, its still a nice list to check out.

- Park Hotel Amsterdam About EU84 ($110) per night.

- Dorint Hotel Amsterdam Airport About EU74 ($97) per night.

- Hotel Arena About EU75 ($98) per night.

- Dutch Design Hotel Artemis About EU76 ($100) per night.

- Golden Tulip Amsterdam-Zaandam About EU84 ($110) per night.

- Eden Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam About EU88 ($115)

- Apollo Museumhotel Amsterdam City Centre About EU57 ($75) per night.

- HEM Hotel Amsterdam About EU54 ($71) per night.

- Hotel Manofa About EU83 ($109) per night.

- Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside About EU50 ($66) per night.

- Rembrandtplein Hotel About EU52 ($68) per night.

- Park Plaza Vondelpark About EU70 ($92) per night.

- Trianon Hotel About EU55 ($72) per night.

- Belfort Hotel About EU77 ($101) per night.

- Bastion Hotel Deluxe About EU81 ($106) per night.

- Campanile Hotel Amsterdam About EU85 ($112) per night

- Best Western Delphi Hotel About EU94 ($124) per night.

- Hotel Barbacan About EU88 ($115) per night.

- Hotel Nieuw Slotania Amsterdam About EU49 ($64) per night.

And of course, there is MUCH more.
Keep in mind, that these are HOTELS, so don't expect things to be TO cheap. Of course, there are plenty of other places where you can stay, such as hostels, and motels or whatever. Maby stay at a friend, and drop by my place. I'm sure I can shelter a few people, like said above.
Also note, that these hotels are all over the place. So don't go booking yet, cause we don't know what NG is planning. (location wise)

I'm looking forward to it, and I'm already saving money. Thanks to Luis for this shiny ray of light, and of course the rest of NG, for maby doing this.
For more info, be sure to check THIS PAGE.

I hope to see some of you when the day comes!

Posted by KingKilo - February 24th, 2008

I recently purchased a "Madness Shirt", from the NG Store. AND IT ARRIVED!!
My mom handed over this big envelope, and till then I wasn't really sure what was going on.
After a solid hour, scanning for any traces of anthrax, I discovered a big NEWGROUNDS sticker on the front.
Heheh, how could I have missed that?

Hyped as I was, I opened the envelope as fast as I could, yet not ripping it apart.
And there it was... My own Madness T-Shirt.
I took out the package, and on the floor fell these shiny looking sheets of plastic paper.
I instantly knew what they were. I teared up inside, like my baby was finally born.


BOOYEAH!! The envelope included 6 sheets of stickers!! ALL EXTREMELY AWESOME!!
I really didn't see that coming.

The shirt is utmost amazing! And the stickers will provide me with enough sticky material to finally paste my neighbors cat to the wall!!!

But seriously now guys.
I can't thank you enough for your delivery.
It went fast, it went smooth.
And you added some nice extras!
The product quality is great, and I can honestly say, that his was WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!
I recommend everybody to buy something cool. Go crazy!! BUY 2!!

So yeah, thanks allot, and I'll be sure to buy more "awesome" stuff!
*cough* hint *cough*

And yeah, stay healthy, eat some fruit now and then.

My 'Madness T-Shirt!