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NG Amsterdam meet, and affordable hotels.

Posted by KingKilo - January 27th, 2009

At 11:25 AM EST, our dear friend and respected NG user Luis made a news post, about possible upcoming "NG Meets". (read about it here)

The biggest surprise to me, was the "NG Amsterdam Meet". Thing is, I've always wanted to go to a NG meet, but never had the time, and or money.
Now, I so happen to live in Amsterdam, and I'd just LOVE to have a NG meet in Amsterdam. (Netherlands, of course)

For those who want to join, but don't know about staying over, here's a nice list of affordable Hotels.
I thought I'd just put it up. Though I'm not sure WHERE Luis is planning on putting up the meet. Anyway, its still a nice list to check out.

- Park Hotel Amsterdam About EU84 ($110) per night.

- Dorint Hotel Amsterdam Airport About EU74 ($97) per night.

- Hotel Arena About EU75 ($98) per night.

- Dutch Design Hotel Artemis About EU76 ($100) per night.

- Golden Tulip Amsterdam-Zaandam About EU84 ($110) per night.

- Eden Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam About EU88 ($115)

- Apollo Museumhotel Amsterdam City Centre About EU57 ($75) per night.

- HEM Hotel Amsterdam About EU54 ($71) per night.

- Hotel Manofa About EU83 ($109) per night.

- Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside About EU50 ($66) per night.

- Rembrandtplein Hotel About EU52 ($68) per night.

- Park Plaza Vondelpark About EU70 ($92) per night.

- Trianon Hotel About EU55 ($72) per night.

- Belfort Hotel About EU77 ($101) per night.

- Bastion Hotel Deluxe About EU81 ($106) per night.

- Campanile Hotel Amsterdam About EU85 ($112) per night

- Best Western Delphi Hotel About EU94 ($124) per night.

- Hotel Barbacan About EU88 ($115) per night.

- Hotel Nieuw Slotania Amsterdam About EU49 ($64) per night.

And of course, there is MUCH more.
Keep in mind, that these are HOTELS, so don't expect things to be TO cheap. Of course, there are plenty of other places where you can stay, such as hostels, and motels or whatever. Maby stay at a friend, and drop by my place. I'm sure I can shelter a few people, like said above.
Also note, that these hotels are all over the place. So don't go booking yet, cause we don't know what NG is planning. (location wise)

I'm looking forward to it, and I'm already saving money. Thanks to Luis for this shiny ray of light, and of course the rest of NG, for maby doing this.
For more info, be sure to check THIS PAGE.

I hope to see some of you when the day comes!

Comments (2)

this is great. ill be refering to this when im booking our stuff

No problem man. I'll update this, as much as I can.

we got some rooms at this place btw
<a href="http://www.hotels.nl/amsterdam/frommer/">http://www.hotels.nl/amsterdam/fromme r/</a>